How to perform people search (Employee Search)?

The ‘Employee Search’ option is available on the logon page of the ADSelfService Plus application. (Note: Your administrator may ask you to logon to ADSelfService Plus to use this feature.)

Searching information about peer :

This option provides you with the details of the employee you are searching for. If there are more than one employee with the same name, the search operation will include all their details as well.

Refining your search with the help of search criteria/operators:

In the left corner of the search box, there's a downward pointing arrow which when clicked provides you with the list of search criteria.

Following are some instances that elaborate the usage of search criteria:

Case 1: Searching by telephone number
In case, if you know the telephone number of the employee and you need to know his other details,

Case 2: Listing down all the employees in a particular department.

Case 3: When you are unsure about the employee's name

In the drop down list of the search box, there are 4 options: Contains, StartsWith, EndsWith, and Equals

All these options allow you to search a particular employee of your organization, even if you are not aware of his full name.

By default, Contains option will be selected.

If you want to know all the employee's name ending with ‘ley’, you have to,

All the employee's name ending with “ley” would then be listed. (Eg: Barkley, Harley, Shirley).

NOTE: You can use these operators for telephone numbers, departments, and other search criteria as well.

Organization Chart:

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